Charles Boulton Innovation Coach

Change Facilitation

I help companies to crystallise their aspirations and issues, choose their levers and routes for change, and then facilitate the journey, helping them to develop and adapt as the change unfolds.

Ambitions and issues

  • helping teams decide, define and communicate their aspirations, ambitions and values
  • identifying blocks and enablers in organisational process, practice and culture
  • finding the unwritten rules that drive both the best and worst in organisations
  • supporting the difficult decisions in priorities and imperatives

Levers and route maps

  • identifying the options for change, the stakeholders, the embedded interests and concerns, the levers and the mechanisms for that specific time and context
  • mapping out the territory and the candidate routes and choosing the best approaches, resources and options
  • predicting and pre-empting the problems

Facilitation and coaching

  • making it happen
  • identifying emerging problems before they derail the change
  • building the conditions for success
  • offering a different perspective to open up options and alternatives

Building capability

  • developing individuals’ skills and experience
  • embedding practices, tools and processes
  • building a capability for mindfulness, adaptation, and learning
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