Charles Boulton Innovation Coach

Innovation Coaching

I help organisations to innovate more effectively, more efficiently and continuously.


  • deciding where to focus resource on innovation to give the best return
  • how to identify and develop new business models and sources of income
  • how to choose and build the capabilities (and technologies) to underpin innovation


  • how to discern needs and opportunities
  • how to generate, harvest and develop ideas and value propositions
  • how to develop ideas into practical products and services


  • how to optimise the portfolio of ideas and projects
  • how to manage risk
  • how to get ideas proven, developed and earning as soon as possible


  • building the ability to generate and nourish insights and ideas
  • enhancing collaboration and co-operation, especially between disciplines and functions
  • embracing the 'big picture' rather than focusing on the internal politics
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Innovation - Strategy, Practice, Culture, Process
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