Charles Boulton Innovation Coach

Technology Management

I help companies to build and manage their technologies and their capabilities surrounding and enabled by technology.

Technology Strategy

  • choosing where and how to compete with technology capabilities
  • identifying critical technologies needed and developing or sourcing them
  • better exploiting current capabilities and assets
  • discerning likely future technologies and trajectories

R&D Strategy and Management

  • developing research agendas that support the needs of the business
  • designing and managing portfolios to optimise reward and risk, outcomes and timing
  • developing management processes to underpin effective and efficient research, development and transfer to practice from idea generation all the way to manufacture
  • identifying and building team capabilities both domain expertise and team effectiveness

Product and Process Development

  • developing New Product Development strategies and product portfolios that support and enable Product Strategies and Market Strategies
  • optimising portfolios of product development for reward, risk and resilience
  • enabling competitive use of Process capabilities to create differentiated products and compelling consumer offerings
  • designing management processes to optimise creativity, innovation and then effective development for swift, cost-effective manufacture and launch to a profitable lifecycle, support and withdrawal
  • coaching task forces in special projects seeking radical innovation, unusual speed, or project recovery

Protection and Innovation in intellectual property

  • working with experts in the area, identifying innovation opportunities from IP
  • predicting future likely technology trajectories and developing strategy accordingly
  • designing and developing products to optimise their protection
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